Capitol Car Care automotive service and repair

From complete repairs to express lube oil changes, Capitol Car Car has you covered with 5 service technicians and a state-of-the-art, 7-bay garage.

Capitol Care Care

Tim Brochu, above, is an experienced mechanic with 20 years of service with the company.


Brooks Boys mechanics

Steve Erickson And Wayne Coston work on a vehicle in the Capitol Car Care garage.

Service is the heart and soul of Brooks Boys, said Dan Brooks, service manager of Capitol Car Care, the service division of the company.
“We are prepared to handle all kinds of mechanical repairs and maintenance on a wide variety of vehicles and we are busy, busy, busy all the time. ”
The service department can do alignments or maintain air conditioning units, Dan said. Most important, he noted, is the ability to do diagnostic services quickly and accurately, pinpointing problems and allowing mechanics to provide solutions to problems expeditiously.
“Customers want repairs done as soon as possible. With today’s complex, chip-driven engines and accessories in vehicles, we need digital equipment to identify exactly where the problem is before we begin working on the car.”
In order to actually do the work, Dan said, the new service area is larger than in the old quarters and well equipped with 7 service bays and 2 bays dedicated to express (Super) lube jobs.
“We have 10 employees in service. Our automotive technicians are all ASE certified and licensed to do state inspections. “We also make sure they have ongoing training to keep up with the newest technology and innovations introduced by manufacturers every year.”
As a special service to the public, Dan said, Capitol Car Care offers free car checkups.
“In this era of high gas prices it is essential to make sure your vehicle is operating as efficiently as possible. This means everything from tire pressure to engine tune-ups. Ignoring anything that might affect performance is unwise, and, of course, can be unsafe as well.”
Over the years, service has become a specialty for the Brooks Boys and it will continue to be one at their new, modern facility, Dan emphasized.